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anne-lise coste, mX, 2011, 12"x9", spray paint on canvas

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anne-lise coste: m, l, e

march 4 - april 22, 2012

*reception for the artist: sunday, march 4: 6-8pm

toomer labzda is proud to present a series of new spray paintings by anne-lise coste, which explore the gesture and shape of letters in black on white.

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anne-lise coste m, l, e - press release.pdf

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coste m, l, e checklist.pdf

READINGS by anne-lise coste:

the freedom of the artist /

read at 7pm on thursday, march 29, 2012

marketization and professionalization of the

art and the artist /

read at 7pm on friday, april 13, 2012

between painting and text

artlog / april 11, 2012